Build a Life Changing Habit

If you haven’t read at least one article on New Year’s Resolutions (yeah, I’ve got my own) ¬†in the past two weeks, you’ve been living on another planet. Or don’t read blogs too often.

Now, as the buzz on New Year’s Resolutions wears off, phew, we can all go back to our usual life-consuming boredom.
…Can we?

In case you’ve spent some time thinking about what you can change next year, and are filled with a sense of hope, and a little bit of dread, looking at those things you’re going to …ugh! ..CHANGE, here’s a piece of advice:



I don’t mean big necessarily in terms of catastrophic, huge change, the kind that will leave everyone else gasping for air.

Build one single habit. But make it a life-changing habit.

Examples of life changing habits:

- quitting smoking. I’ve done that 3 years ago and still proud myself with it. I receive “Congratulations” every time I mention it. Ever hear someone say “Congratulations” when you boast “I just smoked half a pack in 2 hours?”

- starting to exercise on a regular basis. I started running last year, training for a marathon. I only made it to the simple, 4 K race. But most people I know can’t run 4 K if you run them down with a stick. And it changed my tonus, my energy, my nutrition. I’m not proud of saying I quit afterwards. But running is now already a need, so I NEED to continue. I’d say that’s a healthy vice.

- building a social life. We used to meet with a bunch of friends for Thursday evenings movie watching. We’d watch strange European or Asian movies no-one had heard of. And, although few believed it, it led to some bonding, and certainly good memories. I’m thinking of reinstating such a habit…with cooking nights perhaps. Anyone tried that?

- ¬†donating. If you haven’t heard of, give it a read. Or simply look out for an NGO that would use a monthly contribution. A 1% of your monthly income doesn’t seem much, but goes a long way.

And if you get bummed down by the difficulty of change, remember that a habit takes time.

Foster resources around you.

Ask yourself:
- What am I getting out of this?
- Who else is dealing with the same difficulty? How did they overcome it? Can I connect with that?
- If it takes too long, how can I shorten the process?

Try answering to the little demotivating voice inside your head that says “But it’s too difficult..”, “But I don’t have the time..”, “But I don’t know where to start..” by tapping into unknown resources.

If it was easy, how would it look like?
If you had the time, when would you do it?
If you were to take one baby step, what would it be?

No life change is rocket science. It’s all baby steps and changing habits.

Start yours.

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  • catalin
    January 4, 2010

    Yes, for the whole of December i felt the need to go running. And now it snowed :(… Can’t wait to start running. Maybe we’ll both participate in 10K’s this year.
    Should be fun!:)


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