The Happiness Map

Some time ago I wrote a post about gratitude. It was inspired by a quick coaching talk I had with a peer student, who was unable to move forward in a creative process. He was frustrated and could move forward. When I asked what about the creative process he was grateful for, his tone changed, he relaxed and he began to see how blessed he was as an artist, and that his muse would visit again.

Sometimes we just need to open our eyes to see what around we are grateful for.

If you’re reading this post, chances are, you’re doing it from your own computer, on a paid Internet connection. Or, from a company computer, which shows that you have a stable income. You probably know already that you’re in the top 5% wealthiest people in the world.
But of course, celebrity magazines and the consumerist society make it their job to convince you that until you own THAT car, or THAT house, you don’t deserve to be happy.
How much of what you have do you take for granted? If an earthquake would come today and shatter everything you own,  what would you miss?

What’s on your Happiness Map?
What’s defining your happiness?

One of the “best ideas” I found last year was “Buy experiences, not things” (from Seth Godin’s book “What matters”). There’s no insurance for memories.

And I found that looking around at what I have in my life makes me immensely happy. I even circled the word “happy” in a test where you were supposed to pick what characterizes you, from an array of states, skills, and attitudes. I wondered how many people would pick that word to characterize them. Would you?

The small things that build The Happiness Map

Drinking coffee with a friend in the evening, under a tree.
Reading a good book.
Having a picnic in the woods.
Watching a good movie.
Playing with the kids.
Traveling with a small backpack.

All these are small things that make us happy, and yet so many prefer to define their happiness around possessions they don’t even own yet.

So I built this little “Happiness Map” for you.

The Happiness Map The Happiness Map.xls
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It’s a tool to help you look around at what you have in your life, and appreciate it. Yes, it even has a section on physical assets :)
It takes you through your environment, relationships, your own skills and learning process, or your sense of belonging. It’s designed to make you think about what you LIKE rather than what you miss.

Take it, complete each section, and appreciate the good things in your life.
Enjoy :)

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