Your Think Time

Imagine you’re a shell on the beach. The waves wash you on the sand. Then they pull you back in. Then you’re stranded again. Your edges get worn by the sand and scratched by the pebbles. And the waves pull you back to the sea, again and again.

That’s what happens every day, with our time. The outer world pulls us back, again and again. We strive to hold, to focus, to retain a good idea, or an action course, and then…life happens. A phonecall from a friend, a request from an important client. And you need to let go and give in to what has become more important.

As a great trainer during an insightful training course put it “You may think that you have all the solutions now. But outside that door is a roaring river, and once you step out, it will take you. Unless you maintain your focus.”

Maintaining your focus

That’s why I believe it’s extremely important that during the everyday course of our lives, we don’t lose sight of what’s important. We don’t stray from our path.
I call it the ability to stay focused on your purpose.

And, you know, it’s not that mystical and deep.

To me, focused means being able to know what are the important projects on my action plan. What are the critical areas. What “accomplished” means. For that, I need to take some time, regularly, to review. ist2_3817281_shilouette_of_man_meditating_on_the_beach

Your Think Time

When do you take time to center, and to fall back  in touch with yourself?

When I was little, before going to bed, I would ask my parents to leave the door open, a crack. And I would ask them, just before falling asleep “Hey mom! Have I been good today?” And the answer would come, 99% of the time “Yes, dear. You’ve been good.” (Gosh. I depended a lot on recognition, even in that time.)

Today, before falling asleep, I look at the day, and look at what’s important. I remember unfinished tasks. I get ideas for blog posts. I put them all in little boxes in my mind. And then unwind and fall asleep.

On a conscious level, the “Think Time” can be achieved easily by talking to someone, like a mentor or a coach, on a regular basis. Getting your priorities and direction straight, weekly or monthly, can help a lot with maintaining your course.

It’s only normal that the waves carry you back and forth. But it’s your choice to stay or stray, from the path that you choose.

What’s your “Think Time”?

Pick a quiet time during the day or the week. It might be with your morning coffee, or before you close your computer. It might be Saturday mornings or Sunday evenings, as you prepare for the day to come. It might be every Tuesday as you meet with your coach.
Make a conscious choice, to shift back to focus.

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