Harmony is…?

Today is Midsummer, also known as the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year. Since we’re living – most of us – in big cities, we’re missing out on the usual country traditions of the day, but I believe legend goes that it was somehow connected to gathering the grains, as they started to ripe.

We might be out of balance with the cycle of nature, but somehow, we’re all looking for some kind of harmony.

And, if I come to think of it, I can define my harmony. It’s about having a place to call home, somewhere where there’s trees outside, and no honking cars, where friends come to drink coffee and lemonade, and where I can dance in the kitchen with my dear one, late in the night.


But somehow, a little bit of me pushes me out of harmony, instead of towards it.
To evolve, I become out of balance. I get out of my comfort zone and seek something new.

Like an elastic band – if it’s too relaxed, you’re not feeling it – it slips.
If it’s too tense, it snips – like my nerves, lately.

So, I realized, my own way to push me out of balance from time to time, is THE way to bring me into harmony with myself.

I look for another place to live, I look for a different space, although I’m living in such a nice apartment.
I’m pushing the limits of my relationship, precisely because of my need to give back more love.
I’m giving in to my laziness and boredom, because I want to feel the need to get organized again.

There is a fine line and a balance between harmony and quest for something new. And, while I was complaining to myself that I’m in that state of disbalance and dissatisfaction with my current status, I asked myself – what’s the harmony I’m looking for?
And you know what? Most of what I was looking for is already here.

What’s harmony to you?

How much of it do you own already?
Is it outside, or inside of you?

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