Mapping experience

Telling stories is so passe. Mapping is the new way to give back experience.

Two insights.
1. Mapping experience is perhaps, the best and easiest way to give back knowledge. map_9vxzxbu51xk4cc48soswo8gc_hcjovh1zwfksw0kw4skcow8g_th
Mapping here is used as “translate into a common language” – like step by step algorythms, or “do this – get that” type of schemes. That’s probably the reason why “How to” articles and “Tips & Tricks” are so successful.¬†

People like the moment when they look at the map and say “Aha! I am here!”
They also like to make their own way. Sometimes, too specific directions don’t work. We each have our own pace.

It is said that “The map is not the territory”, and yes! it should not be. We each have different “territories” or situations, dillemmas where we need help. But a map is common – it is like a principle. It simply fits. We each translate it in our own language and proceed from there.

2. A very easy “map” is¬†asking questions.
If I gain experience that I want to give back, I can tell a story to which readers can relate. I can draw a picture from which readers can understand what they want.
Or I can ask questions, to which my answer would be the learning from my experience, and to a reader/coachee, would be a trigger to create his experience.

For example:
Blue is my favorite color. I notice it creates a relaxing atmosphere.
[translate] How could you create a relaxing atmosphere?
How can colors contribute to that?

I didn’t even need to bring my blue into the equation.

So, now:
Pick something you know and would like to teach further. Translate it into questions. Make a workshop, a training, or a discussion with someone else.
Create learning.

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