The importance of daydreaming

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Did you know that children of 10 -12 years old started to suffer from stress?
Really now, do you imagine a 10 year old saying that he’s got bad time management and he needs to check his agenda before seeing his friends?

Unfortunately, that’s the truth today.

Stress comes (also) from little time with ourselves

Young children spend their week at school, then homework, then extra classes like math or science, then piano lessons, ballet lessons, one or two more foreign languages. Weekends are booked for football or volleyball matches, practice and drama lessons. Or something along that line.

When did we stop enjoying and appreciating spare time?
When did we get to the conclusion that doing nothing is a waste of time?

I remember when I was a kid I used to watch the sky for hours. I read books I did not enjoy very much (and that were not in any curriculum) just because of sheer curiosity and with a feeling of exploration. Trust me, it’s rather difficult to follow Faulkner when a sentence is two pages long! I used to stop doing homework and stare at the walls and let my mind wonder.

None of this would be encouraged – or maybe even allowed – for a kid these days.


Daydreaming is a right brain activity – encourages artistic view, exploration, creativity, spontaneity… and let’s be honest: it lets your brain unwind.
As Dan Pink puts it in the book “A Whole New Mind” which I’m reading now, it’s the need for right brainers – people oriented more towards making connections rather than making calculations  - that will shape the world of the future.

When was the last time you had a daydream break?
What if you could make this a habit?

Link it with something pleasant, like the coffee in the morning, or tea before you go to bed. [please feel free to substitute drinks according to your own taste buds preference] Daydream as often as you can, at least 5 minutes every day. You’ll find not only unexpected solutions or ideas, but rest, relaxation and the feeling you had a bit of time for yourself.

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