The search for vintage and the search for self

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Searching through kitchenware ideas (I’m planning on decorating a new home) I found that plenty of the nicest (and yes, most expensive) stuff is …well, old-looking.

Grandma’s kitchen stove – or not really.  elmira_whitestove

The vintage trend is all over us. We reinvent the Fifties, watch Mad Men, listen to retro music, buy analog-looking (of course more expensive) cameras…and actually pay extra to get the feel of “old”.

When did “old” (i.e. “vintage”) become a synonym for “appreciated”, “classic”, “quality”, “reliable”?
Does that mean that our age has turned into “unreliable”?

When did we start being nostalgic for the last century? As early as 2001, I think.

What’s there to look for?

Well, for one, authenticity.
I think that, in the quest for “something old” and vintage, we’re looking for the “true-ness” of old things.

I wonder, when will we realize, that somewhere deep in our hearts, we’re looking for that sense of quiet, contentment and slowness that characterized the past.


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