The one simple thing that will help you get organized

People tell me I’m structured, analytical and organized.

(of course, more often than not, they also tell me I’m strange, moody, and inconsistent).

(I think the two sides make quite an interesting combination, and I don’t intend to change either of them).

Anyways, along time I’ve experimented (as you can tell by the posts on this blog) with several ways to get organized. Time Management literature isn’t that rich, and there are few books out there that will really shift your perspective.
I believe it’s mostly about how you do it, and the internal discipline you set for yourself.

But for the lazy ones of you out there (yes, like myself in mornings like these) here’s a simple trick that will do the work.

Write it down.

Whoa, that’s not rocket science, is it?
There’s no Excels involved, or ¬†organizers. You don’t have to do project management or think about values.

Just write whatever you have to do, down.

How many of us do this?

I may have a very nice looking organizer, or a giant notepad that I carry around in meetings and stick charts in, or my Moleskine on which I draft ideas and drawings…

…but in the end, if in the morning I write down whatever it is I HAVE to get done by the end of the day, it usually gets done.

Here’s how my to do list looks for today.


(sorry for the shortenings, they make a funny language though, don’t they? it’s like I’m talking army code)

If I crank down more than 5 things on my list, I like to scratch them over when I’m done.

All you need is a cube of white paper, and a pen. And 30 seconds of a clear mind.

good luck!

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