A different perspective on reality

I was doing a quick peer coaching (15 minutes “flash” coaching) yesterday evening, and something popped in my mind, so brilliant (excuse my modesty, it always gets in the way) that I thought I should share this with you.

Jackie, the woman I was coaching, is returning to work next week, after 2 months of leave in which she did almost only coaching. Living her dream, balancing her life, feeling good about herself.

Then she will go back next week to a job she likes – not loathes – but which will prevent her from further fulfilling her vision of becoming a full time coach. The job, the travelling, the interruptions, the annoyances of dealing with other people who have all sorts of requests, the pains of working full time.

I’m pretty sure we can all relate to that.

Then Jackie said something that struck me. She said “I’m going to have to go back to reality and face that.”

Whoa. When did we start to equate reality to corporate life Рor,  whatever it is that fills up our entire day? Why does reality have to be the sum of all annoyances we need to deal with, in order to make a living?

It is said “Get back to reality” as in “Put your feet back on the ground”, “Stop daydreaming”.

Why does “reality” have to be the bad guy?

Three different perspectives

There are 3 ways to look at this.

Reality being where we are now – where we are today. Living in the present moment. Being here and now. Focused and yet fleeting.

The second point of view is reality as the sum of “larger chunks of time”. Whatever is “earthly” and fills up our day. Work, mostly. And whoever takes this perspective thinks reality is not such a great place to be in.

Reality = work = That darn thing I’ve been doing for a while and don’t like.

But what if we change this perspective?

What if we were to look at reality not through the lens of the past, but through the lens of future?
What if reality is what brings us closer to the dream?

Reality = what shapes the future = the path to the goal.

What would it bring to you, to look at everyday life as a way to achieve something bigger for yourself, as the journey to the long term “happy you”?

I think it would make a difference.

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