What are you learning new about yourself?

I haven’t been posting for more than a month, which, in blogger terms, is unexcusable.
I haven’t posted not because of lack of ideas, but of lack of ability to get myself together and do something constructive.

Instead, I kept having long conversations with myself, especially at night during my insomnia hours.
It seems that lack of sleep does help one thing. The mind gets revenge for all the time it didn’t get to daydream.

And there are a few conclusions I have come to.

1. I work better, feel better and have many more ideas, somewhere between HECTIC and LAX.

I hear too many people saying they work best under pressure.
Yes, but only for a short period of time.
Later, your brain will kick in to demand that time off. And you will find yourself not being able to shut down, or wanting to shut down so badly, you’ll be unable to do anything else than lounge on the couch and watch TV.
And believe me, that is not relaxing.

2. I love it when I’m able to make a connection with other people.

Like at a wedding, when I met an old acquaintance I haven’t spoken to in more than 10 years, and we hit it off by discussing the meaning of life and the search for happiness.

I said “well you seem to be on the same journey as I am. Let me share a few of my learnings so far. And I’d appreciate if you would share yours.”

That was one interesting conversation.

3. The most powerful question I have come up with, so far, is this.

What are you learning new about yourself?

How is this goal, this road you are on now, helping you find new things about yourself?

4. I am experimenting with understanding how self-love (or self-esteem) and the search for meaning are connected.

It seems this is corrrect – people who are ok with themselves and the world around, have a much easier time finding their way.

Us, the rest, who need an external purpose, we need it because we see it as a prop for our inner self.

Life coaching – and finding your purpose, your way through life – is very much about starting from a positive ground.

Sometimes, awareness can be this positive ground. Lifting your eyes from the mundane and looking around.
Where are you on this road?

What are you finding out, that’s new?
How is your climb? Do you see the top?

See you along the way.

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  • Ralph
    September 10, 2011

    I looooooove learning!! Especially (and I’m not trying to sound conceded) learning about myself. The reason is because I love how all of us humans were created with so much depth and possibilities. Every time I learn something new especially if it was something I thought I couldn’t do, I’m in awe of how much potential we have. Wooooo, I love it! Sorry for being so overly excited on your blog..thank for letting me rant :)
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..How to Be ‘You’ But Better =-.

  • Unity
    December 12, 2011

    You’ve raelly impressed me with that answer!

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