10 Things I’d like to do Every Day

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1. Sleep in late and get up at around 9-9:30.

I’m aware that’s a luxury. Sometimes my inner clock kicks in on weekends and so I wake up at 7:30.

But then, if I can, I stay in bed, watch movies and read.

2. Eat a very healthy meal.

Don’t you get annoyed at yourself when several days pass and you eat mostly junk food? I get even a different taste in my mouth. That’s why I really love it when I get the chance to prepare (or be served) a really healthy meal. Like a salad with eggs and tuna, or a huge fruit juice freshly squeezed.

3. Draw or paint.

I have the feeling that in order to draw or paint I need to be in a certain state, and most times I’m either too tired, busy or mentally unfocused to devote myself to it. But I’m aware that it’s all in the mind, and we should be able to disconnect and smell the flowers…at least once in a while.

4. Read a good book.

I used to work at a company where the commute was about 30 minutes each day, and that time was almost 100% spent reading. I used to be the kind of girl who brings a book with her everywhere (now I do that with my laptop, not funny, I know…) Books are such a wonderful companions, and can be great conversation openers.

5. Walk in the sun.

Now, at the end of summer, we hardly miss the light and warmth, but I’m sure in a few weeks we’ll all be longing for a day in the sun. Sun is not only healthy and helps our body produce vitamins,  but it also cures depression. It’s been scientifically proven that exposure to natural light makes you happier, healthier and livelier.

6. Laugh very loud.

“A day without a laugh is a lost day”, right?
A friend of mine tells jokes like no one (and has a laugh to match, you can hear it from afar). She makes me see that there is often a sunnier side of anything. One time, when she couldn’t find arguments, she simply tickled me until I was too tired to push her away and started laughing…

7. Have a conversation with my husband.

Not in the “Hi honey, I’m home kind of way”, but in that way that encourages ideas sharing, and knowing the other one better. Liz Gilbert says in her book “Committed” that one of the best things about marriage is that it promotes a certain kind of intimacy, that goes beyond physical. And that it can be best understood by the late-night talks between couples..about nothing.

8. Daydream.

When I was 16, I turned my desk to face the window, and although it messed up the room furniture balance pretty bad, I still remember as I “studied” with fiction books below my study manuals, and watched the clouds for hours, sipping tea. I wonder how many people still reserve the luxury to look out their windows and think of nothing in particular.

9. Create something tangible.

Nowadays, the easiest way to do that is to cook. In the movie “Julie and Julia”, Amy Adams’s character says  ” I love that after a day when nothing is sure, and when I say “nothing” I mean nothing,you can come home and absolutely know that if you add egg yolks to chocolate and sugar and milk, it will get thick. It’s such a comfort.”
But cooking is not the only thing. A doodle, a letter, a flower that grew in your garden, a nice piece of jewelry or a handmade piece of clothing are all things you can create…some not in a single day, but for sure they are a joy when you look at them and they are finished.

10. Feel connected. But really.

Don’t you love it when you and a good friend finish each other’s sentences? Or when you talk with someone and they say “I know exactly how you feel”, but don’t continue by saying “..and let me tell you how it was for me”?

Or simply, when you have the feeling that everything in this world just clicks together, and maybe it’s not all right and perfect, but it just is. Including yourself.

I wish I would do these things every day. Just thinking about them makes me happy.
Do you have a preferred to-do-list?

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