5 questions for 2012′s New Year Resolutions


I wished for a quiet year in 2011 – a year with my family, friends, new home, and work. I wished for no big changes, no surprises, and good sleep. I got all minus the last one. But I compensated by learning to cook and experimenting in my new kitchen.

Now in 2012 I have almost no resolutions, and I’m happy with that. And that’s because I made sure to ask the following questions in advance:

1. What do you want to achieve?

It should be something positive – not something you want to quit, let go of or stop. If you want to lose a bad habit, turn it into a good habit instead. Focus on the bright side :)

2. Is it about YOU?

Make sure that your resolution is something for yourself, not something to please others. You won’t be motivated if it’s not something you truly want, but only feel obligated to accomplish.

3. How did you do in 2011?

Look at the past year. Is it something you missed or couldn’t do before? Did you really want to do it but something else prevented you? Make a benchmark – start from somewhere.

4. How does it fit with 2012?

How does this resolution integrate with who you want to be next year? How does it fit in the greater scheme of your life? Does it really matter in your journey over the next year?

5. How does it connect with your identity?

What does this resolution say about you and who you want to be?

Having these in mind, you might end up with only one or two resolutions – but you will feel these are the right ones for you. If you’re looking for further inspiration try this link.

And you know what? Fewer resolutions are easier to keep in mind and keep track of.

So, what do YOU want to do in 2012?

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