Innovation starts from an empty page

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Creation starts from the void.

Or so the Holy Books tell us.

I get my inspiration in the morning, driving to work, listening to music.
Or sometimes, in an empty room, writing on my laptop.
Or listening to a presentation and going through idle thoughts.

Either way, creativity and results focus don’t really go together.
You have to give up one, to be able to get to the other.

If you want results, you’re creating a closed angle, one in which your vision becomes precise, clear, and task-oriented.
You know for sure what to do.
You define measurements, you think through the next steps.

If you want innovation, you need to allow empty space.

That’s why Google gives one day per week to employees to work on whatever they want.
That’s why you should allow your subordinates to take one day to work from home.
And every time you build a strategy/objective setting/team event/[insert you own next big thing], leave some empty room to wonder: “What if…?” 

What if I were the boss here?
What if I followed my heart?
What if no one judged me?
What if I could influence the world?
What if I could leave a mark? 

What would my manifest be?

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