Hi there! My name is Maria Galca, and this website is about making your life more productive.
This means: knowing where you’re going, and actually getting there.

I’m a coach, a trainer and an HR person. I’ve been holding hundreds of trainings, presentations and sessions on personal development for the past 10 years. I started my career early, and have grown to work in Human Resources Consulting, Training, Sales, Recruiting, even Compensation & Benefits.

My passion is coaching and helping others figure out their destination, while enjoying the journey.

What’s Life Management?

Looking at managing your entire life at once can seem overwhelming. Still, it’s the people who do it that are:

  1. Happier
  2. More fulfilled
  3. At peace with themselves
  4. Enjoying more time
  5. SuccessfulLifeMgm

That’s because all theories on Time Management teach us to manage our lives in little pieces. Time Management is all about efficiency.  It concerns prioritization, organization, increasing productivity. Doing your job within the shortest time possible, with the fewest resources needed.

But what is your job, in the end? What do you really want to do?

Here’s where Life Management comes in. It’s all about what matters to you and how to get it. It’s about effectiveness, not efficiency.
In the end, what’s the use of running in a rat race, if you’re running in the wrong direction?

Life Management aims to give you the necessary tools to get the inspiration, motivation and results you’ve always dreamed. However, what the concept doesn’t do, is get them for you. That’s your part of the job, and here are the tools I’ve designed to help you.

The Life Design Sheet

What do you actually want from your life? Click here for an NLP-based structure to what matters around you. House, friends, lifestyle, fitness, everything.

Life Design sheet Life Design.xls
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The Yearly Planning Tool

An Excel file where you put your major projects, actions you need to take, by weeks, and then print only the week you need, ahead of time. Call it a practical Gantt chart.

Yearly Planner YearlyPlanner.xls
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The Weekly Planning Tool

You know what they say, that if you plan your week ahead for 30 minutes, on Monday morning, you save at least 2 hours (I would say even more) of wasted time?
Here’s a tool to check what needs to be done, by when, by whom.

Weekly Worksheet WeeklyWorksheet.xls
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Roles Pie Chart Tool

If you’re not very sure where your time goes, and have the feeling everyone’s pulling to get a hold of you, take a look at this tool. Make a tracking for one week to see what roles you have and where your time goes. Then, decide which ones you want to keep. Hint: There shouldn’t be more than five!

Roles Pie Chart RolesPieChart.xls
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The Happiness Map

Ok, ok, enough work! How about the rest of my life?
Here’s a tool that looks at what you can appreciate, what’s good in your life. And a guaranteed well-being feeling comes with it! :)

The Happiness Map The Happiness Map.xls
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Other goodies

Now, if you want specific tips, check the –> upper right section: Effectiveness Tips.
Or, read the “Life Management 101″ Crash course on how to design your life – and get to what you actually want!

I also do 1:1 coaching sessions, to complete my coaching formation.
However, at the moment I’m dedicated to coaching internally with the company I work, and can take only very few (pro-bono) clients for my graduation. If you’d like to enroll, contact me by using the email on the “about” page.