Follow the white rabbit

Remember the scene in “The Matrix” when Neo gets the “Follow the white rabbit” advice, and then goes after the girl with the tattoed rabbit on her shoulder?

That’s about what happens when you’re starting to be aware. You start connecting the dots.

What matters

If you read Seth Godin’s free ebook “What Matters“, which has taken the Internet by storm in the past few days, you’ll notice some apparently disparate ideas, that connect under one big umbrella. The amazing part about this book ¬†is mostly, you’ll not get rocket science breakthrough ideas from it. You’ll get common sense “I felt this myself” type of ideas, things that you had in the back of your mind but not crystallized enough to express in words.

One ¬†particular idea attracted my attention, since I also got a “white rabbit” sign this morning to prove it.

Elizabeth Gilbert says we need to calm down, “ease up” and enjoy stillness. I’ve been preaching about the same on this blog, during my Time Management trainings and through my coaching.
She says we’re the most ambitious people who lived yet. We’re constantly striving for more, yet never find time to enjoy what we’ve actually accomplished.
We’re running, but where to?

Today’s story

This morning, as I got to the subway station, the train was just coming. I had less than 10 seconds to mark my ticket and rush through the stairs to the open doors of the wagon.
There were just two ticket machines. At one of them was another man, hurriedly marking his own ticket. In front of the other one there was an old man, looking puzzled and lost, with his ticket in his hand, standing with his back at the machine.
I felt like yelling “Get out of the way! Can’t you see you’re blocking the machine?”
And hurried myself after the other man, at the other ticket machine.
I caught the train.

And as I was sitting comfortably, it hit me.
Where was I hurrying to?

Did it make such a big difference? The other train would have arrived in 2 minutes.
Why was the old man so lost?

I should have stayed and helped him.
I can’t go back now, but the sense of guilt and confusion stays.
Where are we hurrying to?

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