The Simple Life

I’m going to introduce 3 blogs I found interesting this week.

1. The Pioneer Woman -

is a life blog of Ree, who left the city life to move with a farmer. If you read her blog, you’ll find lots of glimpses of the happy, simple, country life.
As she puts it

What did you do today?

Well, we fed a bunch of cattle, and then we fed a bunch of horses. Then we put on our square dancin’ outfits and did a couple of do-si-dos around the living room.

Ree is funny, self-ironic and takes things easy. Her website is about the simple joys of life – and I do envy her, although I realize that waking up at 4 in the morning to go out and feed the animals isn’t the easiest thing.

She has this beautiful blog post about her daughter:

By six, she’s up and out of bed.

By seven, she’s helping her dad.

He’d be up a creek without her.

He likes to tell her that.

It makes her smile.

By eight, her feet are frozen. And she’s wondering why she didn’t wear her Muck boots. Her size-eleven tennis shoes are soaked.

By nine, she’s lighting up my world with her smile.

And I’m more convinced than ever: college is highly overrated.

She really doesn’t ever need to go.

- For full view with pictures, click here.

2. Penelope Trunk

She hardly leads a simple life – I get the feeling that Penelope Trunk’s one of the most complicated lives I’ve ever heard of. Having a sad and abused childhood, Asperger syndrome and a recent much-coveted miscarriage, she writes from a straightforward, brutally honest perspective.

She’s also engaged with a farmer, and that makes her appreciative of the country life.

I’m not putting up country life as the next paradise (although, secretly, I do dream about a little house on a hill), but both of these women come from good careers, big cities, and somehow did not find happiness there.

Which leads me to the third leader of the blog, Robin:

3. Robin Easton, Naked in Eden.

I just discovered Robin a few weeks ago, and felt inspired by her world. She writes about nature, communion and happiness, and reading her made me very appreciative of the little world we all have.

To most of us it’s buried somewhere deep beyond the everyday office work, things to do and overall “busyness” as Robin calls it.

By reading these three blogs, you might realize this world is not so far away, and that it’s brought back by appreciating the simple things in life.

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  • Robin Easton
    January 17, 2010

    Dear Maria, I am blown away to find my name here. You are a gem. SO kind. And I am really glad you listed these other 2 blogs as they immediately intrigued me just reading what you wrote about them. So I thank you for sharing them. I also loved reading your about page. You are quite remarkable. And your look so ALIVE and filled with joy and vitality. Very refreshing to see. It is a joy to meet you. Hugs, Robin.
    .-= Robin Easton´s last blog ..All That Will Remain =-.

  • Maria
    January 18, 2010

    Dear Robin, don’t mention it. I felt very close to what you wrote and hope other readers will feel the same. Thank you for being an inspiration!

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