What do I get out of coaching?

I started coaching 2 new clients the other days. Additionally, received lots of enthusiastic feedback and encouragement from you readers – Thank you guys! (and gals). This makes me feel like there’s something right I might be doing here :)

There are some reasons why I love to coach. I will tell you a selfish secret – I believe I get from the coaching relationship as much, if not more value as my coachees. Because coaching is filled with intrinsic rewards: thanks

1. People who came to me underline what I’m doing best. They say they need to be coached on getting more organized. They’re extremely accomplished people, who either own their business, or have many commitments going on, family, friends, and wish for a more balanced life. I’m able to help, I feel it almost instantly when we start talking.

And, in a way, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. They’re finding new solutions for themselves, and feel inspired. It’s a wonderful thing to be part of.

2. My clients are already successful. I get ideas, tips, and lots of inspiration from them. They don’t depend on me to tell them they are great. And in a way, that is already half  of the effort of getting even better.

3. Each coaching discussion is a communication at a deep level. It’s being able to completely quiet down and listen. And, the more I listen, the more the right question always comes to my mind. Like Mihai Stanescu put it (I think even the first time we talked about coaching), it’s a dance. When you’re really attuned with your partner, you can feel the next move and accompany him in the right direction.

After days, months and years of having conversations that end in “Really? Well let me tell you about me…”, it’s a comfort to really listen, and, from the client’s perspective, be listened to.

4. Coaching means extraordinary support. When you hear coaches talking about “having trust in the potential of people”, you can say it’s rubbish and pep talk. You’ve probably never worked with a coach. I used to say I’m bad at encouraging others. That’s until I started being authentic with my encouragements. If you give real encouragement, the other person feels it – their tone changes, their face expression changes. I remember the first time I encouraged someone successfully, I was at least as excited as the other person.

5. Coaching means being challenged. Remember where coaching started from? That’s right – in sports, the coach is the guy you hate most, the one that makes you do 100 push ups when you’re dead tired and think “I can’t do this anymore!!”

That’s probably the first step to achievement. A coach is there to push you beyond what you think your limits are.

I see where your bar is set. And boy, it is low. I know you can do 10 times better. I will help you see it too. Don’t you feel inspired?

Thank you, for wanting more from your life, for changing the world a little bit with yourself. And for letting me be part of that change.

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