10 Commandments for the Creative person

1. Read books. Such as the ones here. Read Seth Godin and Malcom Gladwell. Read Philip Pullman and Frank Herbert. Read poetry and children’s books. Travel to parallel universes and dive into other people’s minds.

2. Watch other creative people explain their development process. Such as Elizabeth Gilbert and her genius/muse idea on Ted.com.

3. Surf Twitter. Get ideas from there, like Penelope Trunk suggests in her newest blog post.

4. Get inspiration from nature. Appreciate the turns of the seasons, the first day of spring and the clouds movements.

5. Get visual. Post your ideas on colorful bits of papers. Create patchwork around you. Use a whiteboard and colored markers. Use colored pencils in your Moleskine. Draw mind maps.

6. Talk to people. Ask them what they think. Ask for their opinion. What’s your take on this?

7. Walk around. Discover. Travel. And then reapply no. 6.

8. Use your senses. From time to time, give yourself time to focus on only one of them. Like closing your eyes and rummaging with your toes in the sand. n509347182_835068_1757

9. Give in to life’s waves. There will be times when you will reach out, and times when you need to unwind. Understand your cycle and don’t attempt to control it. Your body will thank you later.

10. Don’t create to demonstrate. Create for the sheer joy of it. Create for the feeling you get as something new and different springs from your mind, from the paper, from the pencil, or brush, or keystrokes of the computer.

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