Appreciating the little things

This is a Saturday afternoon post, written while I drown in a puff, sipping tea. IMAG0236

I realized, lately, that this might be the happiest time of my life so far. Or, is it so, because I think it is?

Do you know what I mean?

How many times have you read the lines “happiness is what you make of it“, or “you have to want to be happy“, or “live in the present moment and enjoy whatever life has to bring“…
I truly believe all these philosophical statements pass us by and go out the other ear. They don’t strike the chord in our brain or heart, unless we know the chord ourselves.

So what I learned is to appreciate the way my life turned out until now. Maybe I haven’t achieved everything I wanted. But I’m on my way. Maybe I’m not the most successful career person in my company. But I realized I don’t want to be that.

In his book “Affluenza“, Oliver James mentions that Asians have a very interesting view on happiness and appreciation. If a person is successful, he doesn’t attribute all the merit to himself, but to his parents and family that helped on the way. Same way, if a person fails, the blame goes to the environment, not the person itself. 33092_hi
Affluenza” (yes, it’s a syndrome) means being happy only “when”. “When” I will have that car. “When” I will have a house. “When” I will be promoted. The “When” never comes.
But the “who” and the “what” are already here.

Who do you want to be? And what part of that do you already have?
Well, how about appreciating that? Be grateful to yourself and the ones who helped you get this far.
And keep going.

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