The century of individualism

You know the world is full of infinite possibilities.

Your parents told you “you can be anything you want“. Or, if your parents did not tell us so, you quickly found that out from books, magazines or motivational movies.

You quickly realized that in order to succeed you have to be unique. You explored how marketing comes up in the vast majority of things surrounding you – food, TV, books, clothes. And eventually, it dug deep into your soul. They call it “Personal Branding”.

They say “Find an idea for yourself. Find a purpose, a vision.”

You began looking for that idea. And became even more confused and desperate when you realized it’s not obvious. You wonder “Does he have a personal mission? Is he happier because it’s written upon the wall of his office?”
(hint: no, probably not.)

In the desperation to define yourself more and more, you fall into the trap of the ever surrounding marketing. “Hey, John! Are you a single, young man, in your 20s, with medium-high income? Here’s the perfect suit/car/house/girlfriend for you.” You buy stuff. You create clutter – unnecessary things filling up your life. There’s a product for every type of tiny need.

You start wondering if your “Personal Brand” is also a product. Yes, it is. Your product will be bought – you just have to find your specific client and speak to them, speak their individual language. And they will buy. A dream, not a product.

Happiness is owning things. “When I have that car, I will be better than everyone else”.

And somewhere along the way you realize all this is, somehow, in a very subtle way, pointing in the VERY WRONG DIRECTION. swarm

The Future of Unison

Your Personal Brand. What does it link to? Your purpose. How does it fit in the bigger picture?

What is the bigger picture?

How does the world around you look? What’s missing? What patterns can you spot?
Now, where does your piece of the puzzle fit in? How can you make it work?

Find others who think like you. We call them “tribes” now. Get their support. It’s more than “buying your product” or becoming your “raving fans“. They’re…well…kind of like family.

It’s not about selling anymore. It’s about doing something that makes a difference for the greater good.

Synergize. Scale up.

No need for products anymore. We realize we don’t need much to be happy.

“We, together” create a different future now. And even if we, taken one by one,we might not mean much, “swarm theory” says we’re flying in the same direction. And we will get there.

Are you there? Are you listening? What’s buzzing in your head now?

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