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Hi y’all!

Yes, I can feel it’s summer. Less posts, less comments, and less drive for me to write about self-organizing and effectiveness skills.
Me? I feel like the guy in this little picture –>  tired_01

July is going to be a slow month for blogging, but what I still have in pocket for you are the following posts:

- a wrap-up of all the Time Management tools I’ve used so far – and worked! -

- a guide on how to prepare for a transition

- how to switch from stress to enjoyment -especially now in the summertime, when you want to finish work as quick as you can, to get out in the sun!

I have my wedding coming up in two weeks, and even though I haven’t written much about wedding organizing skills, believe me, I’m getting to be a pro. I’ve even done my own Gantt chart! So, no wonder my priority is going to be having the time of my life on July 17th!
Afterwards, I’ll be off for a couple of weeks, and returning to the city and the Internet sphere on August 1st.

Keep close!

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