Finding inspiration

We mostly stride through the day in large steps, looking straight, rarely to the side. We don’t much stop to smell the flowers, or look – consciously – for inspiration.

I found that inspiration easily comes when I create the setting for it. Sometimes the elements of my day converge to form a certain state – the weather, the music, the food I’m having, the way I’m behaving. And then,  the environment around me responds the same way.
For example, didn’t you ever have days in which the sun was shining, fluffy white clouds blazed the sky, birds were chirping, and you couldn’t help but smile to everyone else?
And then, why was it a coincidence that a long lost friend phoned you? Or that a stranger said kind words? Inspiration_by_agolam

You simply noticed them because you were in the matching state of mind.

The same goes with inspiration.

What if, you could activate inspiration?

“How do I master the perfect day?
Six glasses of water?
Seven phonecalls?
-  Unthinkable surprises are bound to happen” (Bjork)

In the past few weeks, I’ve had more insights than I could handle.

I activated my friends and coaching acquaintances, searched for books and Internet articles, tracked down my learning process and looked for gaps. I put my learning process out in the open and made it a personal quest.

I say, the light at the end of the tunnel is very near, and you know what?
I actually like the tunnel.
I like the pain of change, the acuteness and sensitivity I developed towards responses from the environment.
I like that  I learned to adapt, even more, that I’m discovering new things about myself.
I like that I encourage myself every day, that the process is a positive one.

I am exceptionally grateful that, by putting the process in the open, I asked people around me for inspiration, and got back tons of it. I must have done something right, if they were so supportive.
By setting up my inner mindset as an open, positive and encouraging one, and by looking outside for the seeds to plant, I consciously cultivate  inspiration.

The learning process became like a garden of shrubs and wild flowers. I cut the grass every day, tend the earth, and admire the blossoms. I call for rain and even enjoy the thunder.

Only when we’re lost, do we search for it. 
But inspiration is here – it only needs the right inner setting.

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