Tool: Mini Notepad for To Dos

I’ve always been looking for the perfect Time Management tool to carry around. Organizers are too big and chunky, end up being stuffed with papers and never fit in small purses. Plus, you buy them for work only. What happens at home, if you remember something? Where do you put it?
I tried the electronic version on my smartphone – although Evernote or electronic Notepad softwares are nice, I guess I’m not the typing person – I need to write it down.

So have a new time management gadget. It’s a mini notebook, and its role is to be the “carry-all-around-with-me” to do capture tool. IMAG0081

It can be placed in the pocket of your organizer to take at meetings, or in the back pocket of your pants, for a coffee conversation that might end with a good idea.

How to use:

Match with a mini pen and take everywhere with you.
Write every to do item on one page. Only one per page. Rip off page once you completed the item.

This idea is actually imported from another coach - Ramona’s Time Management training. Although I was reluctant to use it – a lot of paper waste! – if your mini notepad is small enough, one idea per page will fit just right.

For example here I wrote the list of items to bring to my mom’s home next time I go for a visit. IMAG0082
And I got my notepad in a batch of two, so if I finish this one quick enough (let’s say one-two weeks) I can replace it easily. Buy them in bulk – you won’t even notice how many to dos you have.

Go through it every day, at least twice. Remember the things you committed to do. Set reminders or place meetings for those larger items on the list.

Another thing to remember – discipline yourself to write down every commitment. Otherwise, why would you take this notepad everywhere with you?

PS. If you have a choice, buy bright colours – you want it to stand out in your bag or on your desk, when you need to quickly write something down.
Plus, it will make the whole experience a bit more fun :)

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