Drawing lifelines

How do you draw your own design for life? Do you think about what you want to achieve, and then paint back the road to that goal, imagining the steps?

Or do you start from what you have, and build your dreams one by one, from there?

Painting a masterpiece

A short movie from the training “7 Habits” by Stephen Covey shows how you can see your life as a painting – what colors would you use? How would this painting describe you?

This morning, while completing one of my paintings, I was hit by how the strokes of my brush resemble the way I view life.

Converging butterfly

Starting from the center

I put the light at the center, and played with the colors. Many say that my paintings are mostly dark and gloomy – but I believe that you need to have the contrast to better show the glow inside.

Drawing the lines

The painting was hazy and colourful – and I started to draw the lines of butterfly wings. I started from the sides and worked my way to the center.

I drew the lines after the background was already complete and focused on where the colour was drifting from one shade to another – I drew the lines to accentuate the shift.

Completing  the Picture

In the end, the butterfly shape was complete and beautiful. But somehow, it seemed “stuck” to the page, splattered there in the middle. I realized that the colours were extending, and started to continue the lines, beyond the wings, towards the outside of the canvas.

The meaning of the metaphor

The background comes first – and it should have light at the center.
Even if there is contrast, it will better show the glow. ”
“One must have chaos inside to give birth to a dancing star”.

It’s ok to draw your lines after the background is already drawn.

It’s ok to change your life design after you have the basics in place. Whatever the basics might mean to you – friends, love, a house, an income, peace of mind. It’s ok to settle the background first, and then do the design. But have an idea in the beginning.

My idea were the colours only – the rest came from there.

Don’t stop at the simple design – extend it.
My butterfly is now less visible. My “vision” might not seem obvious.
But the picture overall is more beautiful and makes more sense. It continues beyond the borders of the canvas.

Don’t let boundaries stop you. Design your life the way you want it. Look for connections. Go beyond the page.

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