1 year of Life Toolkit! Best posts & Coaching challenge

So one year of blogging passed away, quite fast.  first_birthday

What happened during this time? Looking back…
- I started blogging like crazy, read all I could on SEO and social network promoting, then decided I should just let my readers unfold as they come. And that’s how I got to this steady, smallish base of you guys, who drop by every once in a while :)
- I started coaching, and ended up with my full time job +  5 evenings per week completely filled with  coaching sessions and teleclasses for my coaching training. It was exhausting.
- I dropped it all to focus on my wedding. Then came the honeymoon. Then a new job. And transition became my number one priority.
- Currently, I’m posting less often, and stopped coaching, for lack of time. I really miss it! (if you want to become a client, keep reading – there’s news below!)

I want to say a big THANK YOU to you, who’ve been passing by this past year, reading, posting comments, encouraging me. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.
And thank you for inspiring me to keep going.

What you liked most in this past year: A list of my best blog posts so far:

Time Management & Tools:

Yearly Planner – how to plan your projects for the year ahead
My tools of the trade – Pen and Paper: notebooks, Moleskine, organizers (I’m a sucker for this stuff)
Weekly Planning Tool
Best Time Management Tools Part 1 and Part 2

Life Management – the bigger picture

Life Management 101 – how to simplify your life and get what you want
20 Questions to ask at the end of the year, looking back
Your 5 Roles and how to organize them: Pie Chart tool

Business & Corporate stuff

10 Email Tips from a Corporate Worker
Transitions: 10 Questions to ask when taking over a new role
People Manager vs People Developer

Some of my favorites:

The Slowness Series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
A manifest on Laziness
Appreciating the Little Things
(hey, you can really see a pattern here!)


What’s coaching?
The art of simple questions
How to coach your people (even if you’re not a coach)

So then, these are a few of my favourite things.

What’s coming up, in Year 2 of Life Toolkit?

My plan:

- to provide inspiration and link you with more awesome stuff I find on the net (the first thing is putting up a Blogroll on the right – check out some wonderful blogs I’ve been reading for a while)
- to build a better structure and category split for this blog, so that you can find your tools easier
- to write an Ebook about Time & Life Management. Some of the wisdom I find in other people, some of my own experiences, all put together. But procrastination being my dear old friend, I continuously postpone starting it.
- to keep coaching, and post learnings here. So if you’d like to get more organized, here’s what I’m opening up:

The Challenge: 2 Clients, 2 sessions, Life Changing Coaching.

In December, I’m going to do 2 Life Management Crash Coaching sessions (1-2 sessions, instead of the normal 12).
So, if you’re wondering what you want to do in 2011, how to organize yourself, how to change your job, or simply how to change a habit, we can work this out in 2 sessions.

To cut to the chase, there’s no cash involved – I’m doing this pro bono. We’re talking 2 sessions max, that’s 1 hour times 2.
I’m going to need all your commitment and seriousness. Normally coaching spans over a longer period of time, to really secure changes in the client. There’s a good reason why coaching relationships last minimum 3-4 months, so a concentrated “coaching pill” can only work on one area of your life.
So this is an experiment, and we’ll need to be extra focused and action oriented. I will ask you to do some work on your own between our sessions, and to come prepared even before the first one.

Are you up to it?
So, if you’re committed enough, give me an email, and check my schedule (on the right, appointments tab).

Thanks for visiting, and see you around!

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  • alexandra
    November 14, 2010

    Happy Birthday! And many more to come!

  • Daniel Rose
    December 13, 2010

    Congratulations on the milestone! Good to see your challenge! Everybody needs some stretch goals, but Decembers not got a great deal of time left!
    .-= Daniel Rose´s last blog ..Paying a premium for staff attendance =-.

  • Maria
    December 15, 2010

    Thank you Daniel!
    Actually, my challenge refers to the client making changes/setting commitments right from a single (or two maximum) coaching sessions. Normally this occurs after a while in the coaching process, after trust is set. You could set goals for the year ahead, or for next week! The big thing here is to hold on to them and make them happen!…and that’s where a coach comes in and holds you accountable.

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