Spring rebalancing – update Week 2 and conclusions

Two weeks ago I started a mental-physical-emotional-spiritual Spring Detox. Why, and how I planned to do it, read here. And the update after the first week, here.

So what happened this week:

Conscious about my goals, I completely refrained from eating meat. That is, until Friday, when I gave in to some beef wrap advertised so much lately that I was dying to see how it tastes. Yum. And then, Saturday evening I cooked asian-style salmon with soya sauce, which I tempered down with some healthy broccoli. After soaking that as well in soya sauce.

A girl’s gotta give in to temptation sometimes, especially when it comes in the form of home-made Asian food.

I had fruits daily – long live oranges, apples, mango and ananas. Salads, also daily (thanks to Oliviers apple-taste-vinaigrette, they were delicious).

My daily meals consisted of more or less the following:

A sandwich in the morning (cereal bread + mozzarella cheese + pesto + tomato + salad)
Fruits (a casserole taken with me to the office, or bought from the shop downstairs)
Salad for lunch
Nuts, cereal and chocolate to nibble in the afternoon (hey! I never said I would not eat chocolate!)
…and if I still had the energy to cook, something  light in the evening.

And the conclusion is…I love healthy food, and it takes very little time to prepare (around 30 minutes in the morning while I get ready for work). Plus, I can totally live with eating only once or twice meat per week.

I also continued to go to the gym, and still being in the awful shape that I’m in, at least I didn’t get muscle burns. On Saturday, I managed to cycle through an entire class…that’s about 50 minutes!

Continuing to do my meditations in the morning and evening also helped a lot with sleeping patterns.  I continued to get around 8-9 hours of sleep every night, which I know is a lot – I’m afraid I won’t ever feel rested unless I sleep that long… but even with the Daylight time change (the nasty one), I don’t feel that tired.

And we made a huge change, cancelling our dancing lessons, which freed up two nights per week for coaching teleclasses. Although I have a heavy heart with this one, since for the past year and something, dancing classes were something I looked forward to and really enjoyed. But…sometimes you have to make role prioritization choices.

Conclusions & recommendations:

All in all, after half a month, I am less tired, quite energetic and positive, and much less stressed (oh, taking magnesium also helped with that one). Eating healthy shows all over – my face, my skin, my tonus, and overall wellness. I’m much more conscious about the choices I make – not only with my food, but with my time and myself overall.
It’s a great exercise  - I recommend that if you want to do it, set out weekly goals, as simple as possible – such as “go to the gym twice”, or “no meat” or “no chocolate” (this one is definitely not for me).
This way, you’ll track yourself easily and you’ll have plenty of reason to celebrate at the end of the week.

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