Career Coaching for Millennials – and a Career Planning Tool

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I’ve been asked to deliver 3 Career workshops in less than 3 months, and while I love doing that, I can’t help but thinking what might be the increasing need behind. Is it a trend?

According to many studies, Millennials (or Generation Y) are the spoiled and undecided generation. Sure, they have strengths, such as exceptional ability to master new technology and keep themselves up to date with everything (yes, everything, including what you posted last night on Facebook!).

And while they ask “What should I do with my life?” their parents, teachers, mentors, or bosses smirk and look elsewhere.┬áBecause older people think “It’s just a fad. Get on and do something. I never had the luxury to decide. I had to work, to bring you up.”

Well maybe Generation Y really needs this help. Maybe we’re so flooded with opportunity, with encouragement and with insanely high expectations that we don’t know what to target first. And there seems to be this huge pressure to “choose something, do something, be on a path of some sort.”

And that’s okay. Uncertainty and not knowing where to go are okay.
Because you will change, anyhow.

Here are some simple tips for having a clear view on where you want to go.
And if you want more, just click on the right side of my blog page, in the Tools area. You’ll find the Career Planning tool there.

1. Look at your overall life picture and take into account what will change.

2. Look inside and ask yourself what you like to do and what you know well. Even if the “Do what you love and the money will come” quote might not appply 100% of the cases, it’s still worth trying to find a career that fits with your strong points.

3. Look into the future at where you want to be and track your steps back to now. Create some milestones. Heck, at least create a direction.

4. Create a product to sell. That’s you. Who are you and why should anyone hire you? Make a Personal Brand.

(Some might argue that Personal Branding should come first. After all, how do you expect to get somewhere, or at least know where you’re going, if you don’t know who you are?

My opinion is that Personal Branding is more like a marketing tool to the outside. Sure, the inner search for self should happen before. But that’s not the subject of this post, or of Career Coaching. That’s something entirely different.)

As a final note, all I can add here is Build some synergy. Connect. Find others who have the same questions.
Inspire back.

This is the short version of a tool I’ve developed for the latest Career Coaching workshop at IQAds Kadett. Feel free to download and use it, and approach me if you have any questions.

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  • simona
    February 7, 2012

    Dear Maria,

    Thank you for the great presentation from last week. I totally found myself on the “quarter life crisis” explication, and I must admit that it feels way better knowing that I’m not the only one facing the all this career related questions. The world is full of challenging jobs, and it’s pretty hard to decide what way you would like to follow.
    Anyways, I really enjoyed the the two hours with you, coaching, and I really hope that I’ll find more hr people as nice as you are.

    Thank you once again, and I wish that all your plans, (including Ireland) to come true :)

  • Maria
    February 7, 2012

    Thank you Simona for the kind words! It was a pleasure to be there and to contribute in some way. I’ve been in the “quarter life crisis” myself so, no worries, there’s light (even a bright one!) at the end of the tunnel.

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    April 9, 2013

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