Little pieces of everyday add up

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The above is a mix of things I love.
And this has been a short and dry weekend, because I have not been able to collect my artistic energy and do something with it, like paint or write (hm, on the latter there seems to be some work in progress right now…)

Poetry and art should be infused into everyday life, don’t you think?
But somehow, all that IS infused in everyday life is work, stress, getting things done, writing lists of to-do’s. And then in our spare time we’re either running around to do all that other work that couldn’t get done during the week, or we’re just so exhausted, that we lie around stuffing figurative junk in our heads. It’s no news to me when I hear that people do nothing but sleep in their weekends. Or dream about laying in bed for a whole day to watch movies (oh wait, that’s me!)

We’re unable to connect to beauty unless our minds and hearts are open to it.
And that becomes harder when our energy dissipates into abstract spreadsheets.
Where does my energy go, day by day?
And how would it be possible to keep little pieces of it, to keep them nice and clean, so that when I look at the sky, I’m inspired?

Food for thought:

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