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Meditating on labyrinth

During summertime I often tend to think about life and death. Sounds a bit ridiculous, right? How can you think about death when everything outside is full of life, there’s light 16 hours per day and everyone seems to be at the peak of their happiness?

Well, sometimes, in the peak of happiness lies a grain of sadness.

When I was 16 years old, blossoming from all corners of my being, I spent a few summer weeks closed in my room, reading, writing and thinking about how all beings die. Even though completely far from it from an age point of view, I explored the idea of death and passing, of time and transience. I listened to the sounds outside, children laughing and playing. I looked at the clouds and watched the season change from late spring into hot summer. I imagined an ant in the desert, living its last moments and passing into the unknown.

Some years later, I read The Virgin Suicides, a novel set in the 60s, in which 5 teenage sisters are kept from experiencing life outside their homes, but find ways to express themselves and live, for a short period of time, until, well, they all commit suicide. And somehow, till this day, I can’t help but associate the afternoon summer light with the thought that it will come to an end.

That I too, will come to an end.

Leaving dark thoughts aside, I think that summer time actually is a proper time to leave mundane things aside, to drop the focus from everyday life and to sit and watch the trees. To look at the blue sky.

And if you find yourself on the beach, on a lounging chair, looking at the waves, think of this:

What if you could stay here forever?

What if this moment, the light, the sound, would be captured in a glass globe? How would you remember it?

What music are you listening to?

What book are you reading?

How happy are you?

What have you found new about yourself in the past days?

What does this state you’re in now, say about you as a human being?

How can you capture it? In a vision board? In a picture? In a song? In something you’re wearing now? In a gift you received?

What can you give back to someone, to reflect this moment?

Enjoy summer.

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