3 things I want to do this Holiday season

Hello my dears and Happy Holidays!

As I write this, my mother is in the kitchen preparing the turkey for the Christmas dinner, there’s carols on the radio and around town there are some people carrying bags with supplies to cook later today.

It’s easy to get stressed or anxious about the Christmas cookies, burning the special steak or the traditional “sarmale” not coming out the right way.

For me, this Holiday season is particularly strange, since I inhabit two houses, at about 15 miles apart from each other. One is my mother’s, the other one is my mother-in-law’s, where my husband (and our cat) stay for the Holidays. I know, it’s a bit strange, but we’ve gotten used to “ticking both boxes” each time we come to visit.

So as I was driving this morning back to my mother’s house, to help with the cooking (which I’m obviously NOT doing, since I’m writing this blog post instead), I made a few resolutions for these days.


1. Stop complicating things and take them as they are. At least for a few days.

My friends and family know that I sometimes tend to overanalyze and overcomplicate things. That leads to overthinking and overworrying. Not something you’d like in a peaceful  resting celebrating time of year, right?

So, instead of thinking – yet again – how to make things work for both families, how to come together without the awkward “polite visits”..I try to just let things unfold, and we’ll see where they take us.


2. Build good karma. 

A dear friend of mine said to me once, that when you give extra tips at a restaurant, you shouldn’t give it with a closed heart, but think, as you give it, that those money will come back to you.

That’s a (materialistic) way of how I look at karma.

And these days, I think even more, that maybe we’ve forgotten the whole purpose of holidays – which is, to  be kind to one another. 2000+ years have passed since we’ve been taught the simplest form of peace (“love thy neighbor”) but we haven’t internalized it.

It’s not about gifts, it’s about showing kindness and doing the better thing.


3. Be still. 

This is probably going to be the most difficult one, as each day is packed with visits, cooking, eating, more visits, driving back to Bucharest, and then driving again to the NY party location :)

I noticed that in stillness (especially the one before falling asleep) comes inspiration.

And besides, in such a hectic time, it would be a pity not to find a few moments every day to stop and enjoy.

How to do that:

- find small things to notice – like the lights on the Christmas tree; the snowflakes falling; a nice carol on the radio; a moment when you and a dear one look at each other and know what the other one thinks of :)

- capture the moment: in a scent (I have a perfume I received many years ago for Christmas and still associate it with winter and a special feeling of “I just received a gift, yay!!”), a drink (like the wonderful cocktail we had yesterday evening, with vodka, cinnamon and orange juice from our dear friends – I have to ask for the recipe :) ), a special food (like the fruit cake my mother and I make every year ONLY for Christmas)…


So enjoy this Holiday season, and give the good vibes further on :)


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