Updates, inspiration and spring winds

Hello dears, I hope you’re not intimidated by the large snow flakes drifting outside.

As a matter of fact, last week I’ve been spying on the early morning sky, driving to work. Unfortunately as I get both my hands on the wheel, I wasn’t able to shoot the beautiful rosy clouds (very Vanilla Sky-like), something like this:

Anyway, the early start of spring usually inspires me to get in touch with my artistic side. I paint, draw, sketch and get a lot of ideas.

In planning & work in progress – the lower part of this dress (the skirt):

Also, making this punch (for Valentine’s day or earlier). I never actually liked Valentine’s day – it made me sort of obliged to do something or buy a gift only because of a date in the calendar. I know it sounds like a cliche, but shouldn’t couples celebrate their love every day, instead of once per year?

Books read lately – this and this.

A cute movie from a friend, which promises to be big on Oscars (but kind of reminds me of this short film).

Speaking of Oscars, what do you think about the nominations list?

I can’t believe the Silver Linings Playbook is nominated as Best Film, since I rarely saw such a poor adaptation of a (reasonably) good book. Basically the director kept the names of the characters…and that’s about it. Ditto for Bradley Cooper, who, although cute, doesn’t do a remotely believable role of a messed up man.

However, I was pleasantly impressed by Argo – although you have to admit that even if Ben Affleck  did a tremendous job of re-creating the setting and choosing all actors to look like their real counterparts, he forgot a minor detail..the part he plays himself. Check out this picture of the real Tony Mendez.

Anyway, enough of movie rants – I can’t wait to put myself up todate for the Oscars: watching Flight, (maybe) Lincoln, Les Miserables (I hope I can bear 3 hours of continuous singing), Django Unchained, and, of course, Life of Pi (where 30 pages of religious epiphanies at the beginning of the book turns into the major plot of the movie, hm, perhaps another disappointing rendering of a good book?) .

How’s your weekend looking?


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  • Sly
    February 8, 2013

    I actually recommend Lincoln. If you like theater, dialogue driven plots and decent character building, I’d say these can be some well spent 150 mins.

  • Maria
    February 8, 2013

    Thanks Sly. As the recommendation comes from a person with a strong film culture, I will take that well into consideration :)
    Will let you know if I liked it!

  • Armina
    February 10, 2013

    I heard Django is terrible. I saw Life of Pi and I liked it – though I am an atheist :) – my friends didn’t like it – too long, too much story telling

  • Maria
    February 23, 2013

    Thanks Armina!
    Yes, Django left a bitter taste (and not from the drama – just from all the blood and gore and lack of point).
    Life of Pi impressed me as well :)

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