The multiple aspects of being


When I was little, I was fascinated by kaleidoscopes. I especially loved those with little pieces of coloured glass, which you would rotate and then you would see countless designs, shifting and changing as you tilted the angle.

Perhaps we are the same as these little pieces of glass – they remain the same, but as the perspective changes, the design appears differently. The pieces fall together in the most intricate and elaborated architectures, always perfect, always different, and yet always the source stays the same.

I sometimes hear people saying “We never change.”, “You can change the behavior but you never change the character.”

What if change is nothing else than the same pieces, falling together in a different way?

What if, instead of disliking our weaknesses and overestimating our strengths, we would accept and value our being as a whole, recognizing that on some days, pieces fall in a darker, and other days, in a lighter pattern? It doesn’t mean that the design is good or bad, it just is.

If you were to look at yourself, how many little pieces of glass do you believe you contain?

Just imagine the infinite number of combinations they could fall into your own kaleidoscope of being. Take the time to look closer and to marvel at the design.

And even if it might be more or less beautiful depending on the eye of the beholder, it’s never less perfect.




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