I got my ACC!

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ACC_WEBNo, it’s not some sort of new virus, nor any type of pills.

It’s a coach credential by the International Coach Federation, namely Associate Certified Coach.

I’m so happy I finally got to apply for it, since it means a lot, as a coach, to earn a certification. Basically it means that the school you got trained as a coach is a good one (and I was lucky enough to have 2 :) ), you’ve done some actual coaching afterwards and you got paid for it, and also you passed an exam testing you on how you actually coach and whether or not you respect the ICF Code of Ethics.

Since my first coaching school was complete years ago, I had postponed and postponed to apply for the credentials.
Somehow, a few months ago I figured “you know, I’d like to get that done, by the end of the year. Prepare the paperwork, see what’s needed, that sort of stuff”. Surprisingly enough, it was unexpectedly easy and took very little time, so I just went with it. In a couple of hours I completed the application, paid the tax fee, then waited for my file to be analyzed and approved. Then only a week or so later, I got the link for the exam, braced myself, and went for that as well.

Someone once told me, when some things are meant to be, they just run smooth. No surprises, no bumps in the road.

Part of me disagrees, because, what does that mean, that whenever we encounter difficulties, we should turn away saying “this wasn’t meant to be?”

Anyway, in this particular case, a small part of me hopes that yes, my path as a coach seems to be running smooth, and I’m so happy to be practicing it almost daily.

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