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I’m so inspired by this book, lately.

I’m re-learning to integrate art in my daily life. This means, reading, looking at art, appreciating the sparks of ideas that sometimes come, and honoring them by turning them into reality.

For example, this Dr Seuss quote.


Do you know Dr Seuss? He wrote children’s books, like The Cat in the Hat or How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I personally only saw one of the movies, but I really want to read about the Grinch this Christmas time. I find his work adorable, quirky and oh so inspiring to be just who you are.

So I painted it – watercolor on paper, using some typography inspiration.

Typography and calligraphy are two new things I started experimenting with this year. I always had good handwriting skills, and so I bought some pens, quills and ink and started to practice.

I put the painting in my office – to be a constant reminder that I am fully myself, and I shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed to show myself – with my own imperfections – as much as possible. There are many days when I feel uncomfortable in my own skin, or not sure how to deal, or how to manage myself. I try to remember that even those days are part of me, just like everything else. The good and the bad, the dark and the light; the sense that everything fits perfectly together, and the feeling that I am a complete mess.

They’re all there, and it’s okay.




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