Dream come true – I’m part of a Coaching School!

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I’m so excited that as of this weekend one of my dreams is turning to reality. I’m going to be a co-facilitator in a Coaching School!

After having completed the Transformational Coaching School last year, Alis kindly asked me to be part of the (growing) coaches team, and I enthusiastically said yes!


It’s so important for me to be part of something I really believe in, and this school has been truly transformational, not just for me, but also for my dear fellows who were my colleagues in this learning journey. Also, it’s worth mentioning that it’s ACSTH certified by the ICF, which means you can easily get your ICF certification after finishing the school.

The School has 7 modules, it’s centered around 3 areas – Mind, Heart and Spirit, and together with Alis, Delia and Paul (who delivers Process Communication Model), I will have regular interventions, while also facilitating the coaching practice. It starts now, in March, and will last until end June.

I’ve started re-reading my coaching books (starting with this one here, which is amazing and so simple!) and I’m so eager I hope I’ll be able to sleep the night before the first day!

Wish me luck!


Here’s a picture of us, the 2015 generation of the Transformational Coaching School:


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