Here are some testimonials from my coaching clients:

Maria is an exceptional coach. She has helped me find clarity through a very challenging time and provided the blend of support, empathy, engagement which I needed in order to change my life. She is inspirational, wise, warm and an amazing, highly competent professional.

I am truly fortunate to have had Maria as my coach!


Patricia Pessoa
Frankfurt, Germany


I started my coaching relationship with Maria in July 2009 and it lasted until May 2010. Beeing the first time that I had a coach, she helped me define what my objectives were and how should the process look like. Besides this, she took the time to get to know me personally and because of this we managed to tackle the important issues really early in our coaching meetings. As any professional coach, our meetings were efficient and always started on time, and during them asking the right questions from Maria, most often, led me to a shift in perspective. In conclusion, I am recomanding Maria to anybody that wants  to discover new answers and broaden their world view.


Bucharest, Romania


The coaching sessions with Maria are like a journey: a journey to a better me. How I was before? Struggeling and fighting to be the best in all the areas of my life: to be a professional at work, the best mother, a loving wife. I was having high level of stress, lacking self confidence and trying to figure out what should I do to improve. Maria, with high level of attention to my needs, empathy, sensitivity and highly professional approach, worked with me as a partner in my journey, sustaining my progress; she is balancing between being supportive and demanding, sensing exactly the need to switch between the two.
Me today, continuing the coaching sessions with Maria: I’m starting to accept myself as I am, I feel that I’m progressing a lot and, even if my journey is not at the end (and hopefully will be a continuous growing) I’m changing the way I see the thing around me, I’m having a more positive thinking, I reduced a lot the level of stress and even my headaches dissapeared :). Thank you, Maria for the great coaching you are doing.

Ecaterina Olaru
Labor Relations Manager

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