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welcome to the Life Toolkit blog!

My name is Maria Dinu and I started this blog in 2009, as I embarked on a coaching formation.
It contains tips, thoughts and tools on … well, time.
How to live, preferrably, happily.

I called this “Life Management”, and then noticed I was one of the increasingly many people in this world who made it their life’s purpose, to find their life purpose.

So, if you’re wondering:

  • where the days are going
  • what’s beyond a cubicle
  • what fulfillment tastes like
  • or how career and the rest of life fit together

this blog is for you.

Here are some tools I developed to make my life easier. Please, feel free to use and distribute them :)

Yearly Planner
Weekly Planner
Roles Pie Chart tool
The Happiness Map
Life Design Sheet
Career Planning


I write about:

Careers and Life. How to nurture the metaphysical workoholic.

Taking over a new role: 10 Questions you need to ask
Long term career plans
Career Planning for Millennials
The link between passion and career
Viewing your work as a manifest 


Coaching and People Development. And corporate stuff.

How to coach your people – even if you’re not a coach
Shift a Perspective, change a Life
People manager vs People developer
Email tips from the corporate world
The Paradoxes of a People Manager
How to Coach using the GROW Model



Time Management. How to organize, prioritize, multitask (scratch that) focus, and slow down.

Best Time Management Tools Part 1
Best Time Management Tools Part 2
Pen and Paper – Tools of the Trade
Life Planners (review)
How to choose a Life Planner



The small stuff that makes me feel grateful.  Inspiration.

Appreciating the little things
How to switch from stress to enjoyment

If you’re looking for some tools to change something in the overall structure of your life, the answer is yes  -  You can manage your life. It takes discipline, it takes some good project management skills, patience, and an inch of spontaneity.
People who plan their lifelines ahead turn out either deadly boring or disappointed.

So you might want to think about what you really want, starting with some deep wisdom of my twenty-something years, here:

Life Management 101 – crash course


I believe that no blog on this earth is going to get someone to really change, by itself. It might get you thinking. It might get you interested in starting a coaching relationship (now that’s a big commitment!).
If this little blog manages to entertain, light a spark or give you an idea, then I’m thrilled to have been a part of your time.
Thank you for passing by!

(and if you do like it, there’s a big orange button that says “Subscribe” up on the right!)

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